Counselling Coventry – Getting Your Money’s Worth

Attending A Counselling Or Psychotherapy Mutual Assessment Session After making contact with a therapist of your choice who has availability, you‘ll be invited to what’s usually termed a ‘mutual assessment session’ or ‘initial appointment’. This is where you and your potential counsellor or psychotherapist meet face-to-face. Before you go it’s important to think about what you want to say. Sometimes … Read More

Counselling and Psychotherapy – Getting Your Money’s Worth

Contacting a Counsellor or Psychotherapist for Face-to-Face Therapy There are more people choosing to seek private counselling and private psychotherapy than ever before. Changing perceptions about counselling and psychotherapy as well as cutbacks being made to NHS services are probably the two main drivers behind this shift. Despite this change there is no doubt that thinking about contacting a counsellor … Read More