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LATEST ENTRIES One Man's Search for Meaning...
Posted by alskiffingtonsmith

One Man’s Search For Meaning…

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. I watched a documentary back in March 2015. I like watching documentaries, and I’ve seen a lot of them over the years. It was titled ‘The Lost Gold of The Highlands’, 2014-2015, Storyville - BBC4. I found it to be a remarkable representation on one man’s search for meaning.

It was about a man called Garnet Frost who - due to a series of events that happened to him over twenty years previously - believes there’s a lost fortune in gold that belonged to Bonnie Prince Charlie hidden in a Scottish loch. In the documentary Garnet reads his ‘Nearly’ poem out loud. I was so struck by the power of his words that I wanted to include it here so others might enjoy his poem as much as I did:



Of all the things I've nearly done,

I nearly met the Aga Khan,

I nearly buzzed the southern piers with Avis in his death machine,

I nearly traversed 'cross the desert on a camel with the Bedouin.

I nearly painted golden towers,

I nearly practiced the guitar for hours.

I nearly saw the purpose of a suffering soul,

I nearly stormed the pitch and scored a goal.

I nearly entered my account on time.

I nearly was an honest man.

But of the things I've nearly done,

When all that's nearly done is through,

What's done, what isn't, when the bell has rung

And there is nothing left to nearly do,

If I can't grasp a late degree

I'll ever say it was for lack of loving thee.

So let my heart be open and my way be true,

And let me put aside the things I've nearly done,

And bring me daily closer to the things that I do do.

A poem by Garnet Frost.


You can view a clip from the documentary online:

Sadly the whole documentary isn’t currently available.

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